Destany Shante’


My name is Destany and I’m from Greenville, SC.I took a leap of faith and moved to Charleston, SC. Since I am asking everyone to be in tune with this blog, I’ll start by giving you a bit of my background. Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I wasn’t shocked when I got the diagnosis, but I was worried about how people would look at me. If people would walk on egg shells worried about doing or saying the wrong thing. It’s a fight everyday, but I manage to push through. I want to be able to give someone else just a little bit of hope. I know when having a mental illness you can feel all alone, but your not. On this blog it’s OK to take off your mask. I decided to name this website Behind The Mask because so often we find ourselves hiding behind a Mask because we are afraid to be who we truly are. I would like you to be able to take the mask off and be your authentic self. I’m going to be transparent so I would like you to be also. Feel free to leave comments, or even send an email!

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