Behind The Mask

I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.

Robin Williams

Mental Health is important especially in the Black community. I believe we
lack understanding and knowledge about Mental Health. It’s a touchy subject
because it affects a lot of individuals more than we know. It’s a subject that is not
talked about enough. We walk around with smiles on our faces but hurt in our
heart. We’re crying inside for someone to really understand us. I don’t believe it’s just me when I say our families don’t understand what it’s really like. We wake up not knowing what our mood will consist of. Some of us can’t be in crowds, or loud noises. The smiles are just another way to put on a mask and we can change masks everyday. The world is like a masquerade ball with everyone wearing a disguise, hiding behind closed doors that we are really hurting inside. The disguise comes off once the ball is over with. If my siblings only knew how much I depend on them. They keep me alive. I only say that to say this; find something to keep you grounded whether it’s a
person or a hobby. I want to heal the wounds that are still bleeding because they
were never properly treated, not talked about, and covered up but still being
scratched on. I want this blog to open wounds that have scars. The pain that caused the depression will always be there, but we must decide will it be a burden or a testimony. We keep everything bottled inside and we are afraid to just let it out. Mental Illness is a disease, and sometimes suicide
can be the permanent solution. Sometimes it’s our only choice, or so we think. Mental Illness doesn’t have a face. It could be the child at your school that’s the star of the basketball team. A star by day but cutting his wrist by night. It can be the soldier that just came back from war struggling to find out where they fit in. You can’t walk down the street and point out Mental Illness. I want everyone who reads this to embrace this space. Embrace being open. Ask questions that you’ve never asked before. This is the place you can take your mask off. Welcome to Behind the Mask.